WLUS Radio Personalities Make Good On Bet At Oxford Park Swim Club

Oxford, NC - February 20, 2009 – Be careful what you bet on. Local radio station personalities Mike Brooks and Audrey Dickerson of "Mike and Audrey’s Most Music Morning Show" on WLUS's 98.3 made an ill-advised bet before the basketball matchup between UNC Chapel Hill and NC State:

  • If UNC lost to NC State, Audrey and WLUS's station manager, Clarence Royster, would jump into a nonheated pool wearing only shorts and a t-shirt on the coldest day of the week.
  • If NC State lost to UNC, Mike Brooks would have to jump in.

NC State did not pull through for Mike.

Oxford Park Swim Club was Mike's Waterloo. The water temperature was 34° and the air temperature hovered around 28° with a definite wind chill.

Of the swim, Brooks said, "Being in the water was not the worst part. The actual walk to the pool in shorts was terrible and of course riding back home in cold wet cloths felt like acid had been poured over me. But once in a hot shower, I felt fine."

Twenty-five minutes after the jump, Mike returned to US 98.3 "trash talking" about UNC. With March Madness just around the corner, there's no wonder what the next bet will be.

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