The vision of Oxford Park

It's difficult to not first take notice of the beautifully crafted homes and the wide range of styles and prices in Oxford Park. With its charming look and appeal, Oxford Park has the more feeling of a historic neighborhood than you may be expecting from a new home community. But the homes crafted by our excellent builder team, as beautiful as they may be, are just the beginning. Because every one of these remarkable places to live comes with all sorts of places to play.

Places to play

  • Two pools
  • Water slide
  • Recreational complex
  • Batting cages
  • Trails
  • Playground

A swim complex. Water slide. A 25-acre recreational complex. Batting cages. Trails. And lots of green space. Even reserved land for a future school site. They also come with something perhaps even more desirable. A true sense of community and belonging. The kind that will have you putting down roots here even before you decide to move here.

There's something about the serenity, values and pace of Oxford and Granville County that has a very calming effect. And no other community complements that serene lifestyle like Oxford Park. From its tree-lined streets, sidewalks and excellent schools to its recreational facilities, city services and family orientation, Oxford Park makes living around here just that much more enjoyable. In other words, here, home is precisely what home is supposed to be. A place apart from the rest of the world. A place where the quality of life is enriched by an exceptional lifestyle. A place where it's perfectly natural to be neighborly and perfectly normal to relax.

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